Welcome to Kalamazoo Haunt Park

Final Night of Fun-Filled Terror at Haunt Park this year is tonight (Tuesdsay, Oct. 31st)

West Michigan’s Largest Haunted Attraction



Introducing West Michigan’s most extreme haunted attraction. EXTREME HOUSE OF TERROR is guaranteed shock and “awe—I think I crapped my pants.” This thrill-ride promises to be the most intense trashing of your senses you’ve ever had the misfortune of experiencing. READ ALL NOTICES AND WARNINGS PRIOR TO PURCHASING EXTREME HOUSE OF TERROR TICKETS.

After caging the state’s most notorious killer for more than a decade, PSYCHO WARD–Floyd Cranston’s institution of pain–has transformed into a horrifying world of chaos and mayhem. Floyd’s twisted clan of sick misfits have seized control of the asylum and are eager to meet anyone who dares to enter. YOU ARE THEIR PREY. Your visit to PSYCHO WARD is certain to damage your psyche—ASSUMING YOU MAKE IT OUT ALIVE!!!

DISTRICT OF THE DEAD is a corpse-infested world of devouring terror. The wandering horde is cursed with an insatiable yearning to taste your flesh. Keep your wits about you, watch your back, and you might just avoid the grisly fate of those who didn’t. It’s an experience that YOU WON’T SOON FORGET!!!

Here’s you chance to get some revenge on those rotten flesh-munching zombies at ZOMBIE REVENGE FIRING RANGE. Light them up at West Michigan’s best paintball shooting gallery.

Attraction Notices: Visit http://www.hauntpark.com for complete attraction details, notices, rules, and warnings. All attractions are indoor-outdoor walkthrough attractions. Ticket and attraction waiting queues are under cover. Attractions operate rain or shine. The advertised closing time is the time that the ticket line is closed. Customers who are in the ticket line by the posted closing time will be able to purchase tickets and experience West Michigan’s most terrifying haunted attractions.

Extreme House of Terror Advisory: Haunt Park’s newest attraction is a high-intensity attraction that is designed to be physically and emotionally demanding on visitors. Guests will experience a wide variety of startles and scares including, but not limited to, loud noises, air bursts, strobe lights, theatrical fog, and extreme darkness. DO NOT PURCHASE A TICKET OR ENTER THE EXTREME HOUSE OF TERROR IF YOU SUFFER FROM ANY DISEASE, CONDITION, OR AILMENT THAT COULD BE EXACCERBATED BY THESE OR ANY OTHER SHOCKING OR EXTREME EXPERIENCES.

Parental Guidance: Extreme House of Terror, Psycho Ward, and District of the Dead are not recommended for the faint of heart or those under 12 years old. They are designed to scare teens and adults. Children should not visit any Haunt Park attractions if they are frightened by scary scenes or situations—some love it, but many will be horrified. Do not permit your child to visit Extreme House of Terror, Psycho Ward, or District of the Dead unless you are sure they know what to expect and you’re confident that they can handle the experience.